Monthly check in

The first step to accomplishing goals is to set goals! However, another very important part of accomplishing goals is accountability.

Accountability, whether it’s talking to your spouse, telling a friend, or sharing outcomes, is what keeps us on track and basically focused.  The fact that I shared my goals for the year with all of you means that I am accountable for those results.  Thank you for being my accountability partners!  I definitely need it!

To that end, I’ve decided that one way to stay on track is to do a monthly check in on our progress and report back where we are in the grand scheme of our family’s goals.

As a reminder, my goals are to:

  1. Embrace where I am in life
  2. Escape excess
  3. Become debt free
  4. Save for a house
  5. Get more organized
  6. Discover and build new income streams
  7. Learn how to cook
  8. Be a better giver
  9. Institute date night with my husband
  10. Spend quality time with the kiddos

While we have other goals (in addition to these), I’ll focus on these topics at monthly check-in.