I work in a position where my presence (someone’s presence) is necessary to get things done. Some clients call by phone, some prefer email, and others drop by my office for face-to-face service.  Even with the addition of several online and web-based tools, some of my clients are just happier when they see me in person!

While the core of my job is to advise my clients and be of service to them, many of my duties can be accomplished on a computer from practically anywhere via an internet connection or a telephone.  That fact has had me thinking lately about asking for a remote work option for a small portion of my day.

The fact that I start my crazy, daily routine at 5:30am and don’t step my feet back into the house until 6:30pm has me thinking of shaving an hour off my work day in the office and accomplishing that work remotely.

As I ponder some of the reasons why a remote option would be attractive, I have to remind myself that asking for such an arrangement also has to be beneficial to my employer.

Work-life balance definitely tops my list.  Leaving just an hour earlier to resume the craziness of mom’s taxi of pick-ups would do wonders for my stress level, and frankly…my productivity while at work. Win-Win!  Happier, more focused worker, and employer who retains highly productive employee.

So…should I ask?  What am I so afraid of?