Hi there!

My name is Chrystelle Zimmerman and I’m a wife, mom and entrepreneur living in Southern California.

I started this blog because I was tired of trying to master the juggling act of busy, frazzled, working professional along with being super wife and super mommy and needed to find a way to lose the excess! (Notice I said TRYING to master.)  I know many of you out there who can relate.

Life Today

  • Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.
  • I am married to my best friend, whom I met the day of our water baptism. Talk about Divine Intervention!
  • I am mom of two littles, my 9 year old son and 6 year old daughter.
  • I am an entrepreneur.
  • I encourage and empower women through teaching them natural solutions with essential oils (it is through my work in this area that I’ve met so many amazing women).
  • I mentor women (and men) to develop their own goals and strategies in life and as entrepreneurs. My favorite part of this work is that I get to travel to people and places that bless my socks off!
  • Helping people reach their full potential at work is important to me.
  • Our family is committed to simplifying our lives, even if it means thinking and doing things differently than what the world expects.

Embracing simplicity and losing the chaos is still a work in progress.  Some days don’t feel very simple.  I’m constantly trying to find ways to save money, re-train my brain to want less, get rid of debt, and learn the beauty of contentment.  Things like cooking from scratch, menu-planning and tripling recipes for easy dinners later do not come easy to me.  But you know what?   It’s never too late to learn something new, so here goes!

This blog is dedicated to all of you amazing women out there who are trying to be super-wife, supermom, super employee, best friend, devoted daughter and dear friend. We can’t do it all ladies, but with the proper tools…we sure can do more than we ever thought possible.

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All my best,