What is Oil Camp?

Want to learn more about the amazing essential oils that you have in your hands? If you are already a part of our Oil Community, we have just the perfect delivery for some OIL EDUCATION so you can get the most out of each drop — and the best part, the education and training is free!

Whether you just got your oils or you’ve been using them for a long time, our team has created a super simple training program that helps you LEARN about your oils in the comfort of your home.

The program is called Oil Camp, and we utilize Facebook to run a two week training program complete with idea sharing, community building with other oil users, and LOTS of giveaways! The time commitment is just 15-20 minutes per day, and you can participate whenever it is convenient for you throughout the day. Oil Camp has been a HUGE hit with our customers and we’re excited for you to experience it!

Oil Camp runs every 3rd Monday of the month. Our next round starts on Monday, November 20th! Registration is free, this is simply a way for us to keep track of everyone who needs to be added to the event.

Here is the link to register:
Oil Camp

Here is what people are saying at the completion of Oil Camp:

“I was a brand new oil user who was overwhelmed when I attended my first class. The oils arrived. I went through the online camp, and I now feel empowered to use these oils in my daily life.” (Lupe G., AZ)

“I knew there were hundreds of uses for each oil, but that meant nothing to me because I wanted practical ways to use them TODAY! The camp gave me quick 2-minute videos on what I could use my oils for and how easy it would be to incorporate into my daily routine. Thank you Oil Camp!” (Cindy M., CA)

“Oils weren’t new to me as I had used them before, but what stood out to me as far as this training goes was the help and loved poured out by the coaches in the videos as well as the other people who were in the online camp. The sense of community in the camp is awesome. We learned a lot from each other!” (Sheila B., CA)