A few months ago I wrote about asking your boss for a telecommuting option because it seemed like just one more way to simplify life.

As a result of spending some time thinking about how this might fit into my own life, I went about asking my own boss if there was any way I could participate in some kind of remote work arrangement.

What I proposed was a reduction in my office hours by a mere 5%, with the caveat that I would accomplish that work at home after hours.  Having two littles presents its own set of challenges to this working mama with school and daycare drop offs and pick ups, but this little window of time (the ability to leave a little early to start the mommy routine) is the blessing that I have been praying for.

Well…God answers prayer because my boss was open to it.  She said as long as my work continues to get done and my clients don’t suffer, then we are a go.  I start a “trial period” next week to see how it feels (for me and for my employer).  I signed a contract which outlines our specific arrangement, so we are all clear on what is expected of me.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have a boss and employer who “gets” the importance of family. Here’s to hoping that my “trial run” can become a regular thing someday.  For now…I’m just happy!

Here’s what I get to focus on…the best job in life!


Can’t you just hear here saying, “Cheese!”