You may remember my post titled, “Ask your boss if telecommuting is an option.”  I wrote it with the intention of sharing some ideas and reasons why telecommuting would be a good option for you as an employee to consider, but also why your employer should think about it.  Plenty of requests have come across my desk over the years, so I was just sharing some of that insight.

Little did I realize that working remotely has been a desire on my own heart for quite some time.

Ever since I went back to work after my second child was born it has been a daily struggle for me to personally keep it all together.  The craziness of getting off work at five o’clock, picking up one kiddo only to drag her over-stimulated, starving little one-year old body over to get the older sibling from school has been more than the challenge that this tired mama bargained for!

After writing that post, thinking about it, and praying about it, I thought it was time to put an end to my daily exercise of pulling my hair out trying to get it all done.  So, with my proposal, draft plan in hand, and some big time prayer, I personally asked my boss if she would consider a remote work arrangement for an hour a day.

I discovered that getting up enough nerve to actually make the request was the hardest part.  Once the words started flowing out of my mouth, it just got easier from there.

Want to know what happened?  Here’s what happened next…